1-3 Day Retreats

Welcome to Thermae’s Stillness Day Retreats. It’s time to RELAX…

Balance your energy, learn how to let the mind live in the moment with clarity and peace, allow the spirit to become alive with a sense of purpose and your body to fill with joy and connect to everything around you. Detox, Cleanse and Renew.
Please take a moment to decide which treatments you would like to have during your journey with us and if you would like food provided; then email or call with your thoughts and we will be happy to assist you in putting together and pricing the perfect retreat for your personal needs.

Stillness Retreat at Thermae: 1-3 days | 9 AM to 6 PM
Your Custom Retreat can include any of the following and will be priced according to:
1/ Your treatments
2/ If Thermae provides your Fresh, Organic Lunch and Dinner


    90 minutes
    When you inhale essential oils, messages are transmitted to the limbic system and have a calming affect on your heart rate and stress level. These amazing healing oils lower blood pressure and also assist with memory, digestion, and the immune system. Essential oils are absorbed through the skin; Each essential oil has different healing properties. For example, some calm systems or attack viruses while others energize. It is a journey for both mind and body.
    90 minutes
    Heated basalt river rocks are placed on the body’s key energy points to stimulate and invigorate. Radiant heat soothes aches and tension. Increased blood flow draws out toxins, oxygenates and brings nutrients to targeted areas. This healing art form helps cleanse negativity and emanates healing power. One stroke with a Hot Stone is equal to 10 strokes with a hand. This grounding earth element of Hot Stones deeply penetrates the muscle layer.
    90 minutes
    120 minutes
  • FULL BODY ANALYSIS: BioFeedback 32-Point Assessment of Muscles, Organs and all Systems in the Body and MEDICAL MASSAGE: Laser Accupncture and pain relief body treatment – Quantum Healing Therapist Valentina Kneppers
    Laser Acupuncture treatments typically begin with Deep restorative bodywork and are followed by laser ‘needle’ application and Scalar Laser Treatments to relieve pain, release tightness and start the healing process. The session ends with a warm cup of tea and a session in the infrared sauna. Treatments address general medical issues and also specialize in pain management, mental health and women’s issues.
    2 hour session 

         Skin Cleansing and Detoxing:

    Our custom made scrubs are organic and natural made from plants such as Sage, Rosemary and Basil. They eliminate dried and dead cells while nourishing the skin. Soft strokes are used in conjunction with deep massage in areas where toxins can accumulate. Feel soft youthful skin all over. Wonderful to improve circulation and assist in breaking down cellulite.

    Your Earth Clay will be chosen by your therapist to align with your needs and goals. The masque pulls out impurities, toxins including metals and refines the skin. Soft strokes are used in conjunction with deep massage in areas where toxins can accumulate while treatments are applied, then you are wrapped in a ‘blanket’ allowing your own body heat to release the impurities from the skin. A warm rinse and cool shower follow. (75 minutes)

    SUBSTITUTE THE GREEN CLAY FOR A MAGNETIC DETOX CLAY  To add on to your detoxing clay experience we offer ‘slurries’
    An alternative to preparing a traditional clay bath is referred to as the clay ‘slurry’. What is intended to be put into the tub is spread over the parts of the body that will be submerged in the bath water. Once the clay is applied you enter the bath of hot, clear water. A fascinating occurrence has been observed by some while using the clay slurries. Because of the strong ionic attraction between clay and many toxins, the clay has a tendency to adhere to certain areas. This event occurs rapidly with toxins that are close to the skin and carries on with more lengthy exposure as the blood brings more toxins to the surface.

  • Hydrotherapy Session with Essential Oil and Dead Sea Salts with 42-jets:
    A wonderful way to release stress and relax tight muscles. Aromatherapy from essential oils ease the mind and salts from the dead sea give off minerals that are absorbed through the skin. The movement from the 42-jets is amazing to improve the circulatory and the digestive systems.

          A Custom Facial Including:

  • Cleansing and Exfoliation | Synergized blends of organic herbal ingredients to decongest, detoxify, re-mineralize, tone and soothe the skin. Light yet nutrient-rich cleansers that effectively remove impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural PH layer.

    Nutrient Face Toners | Our toners hydrate and tone the skin, strengthen connective tissue and increase elasticity of the pores. Synergistically blended herbs and essential oils promote deep tissue regeneration.

    Steam and Natural Face Masks | Deeply cleanse, nourish, tone, and activate your skins natural functions. Masks for all skin types; Organic facial steams and natural face masks will help detoxify the skin prior to the extraction part of a facial. (Add a specialty mask of Organic Raw Honey or Detoxing Earth Clay) 

    Nutrient Intensive Moisturizers are light, highly absorbent, and aroma-therapeutic. They contain organic oils of borage, hemp, and jojoba, as well as aloe vera gel, mineral water complex, herbal extracts, and Vitamins C and E. Each individual scent combination contains unique organic herbs and organic essential oils such as calendula, lavender, and comfrey. Your skincare specialist will determine what is best for your skin.

    Facial Oils | This is truly the creme de la creme of essential oils to smoothe fine wrinkle lines, and give elasticity to the pores. Our synergistic formulas encourage harmony and cell regeneration deep within the skin’s layers. Tonic Oils are High Frequency, Anti- aging & nourishing natural ‘parfums’. The naturally high content of essential fatty acids soothe and balance your skin and protect it from the elements.

Diet – If you decide to have Thermae provide your lunch and dinner:

  • Pure, organic, and delicious cuisine offered throughout each retreat
  • Click here to learn more

Daily Meditation: At Thermae we believe that Meditation should be practiced throughout your day taking moments to simply be. Meditation gives us an opportunity to find and hold our still-point. Bring us back to the moment. You can practice in the Thermae Meditation Room, in the Saunas and spending time in the Outdoor Courtyard. Guided Meditation will assist you in reaching a state of presence.