Stillness Retreats

a true experience
You don’t have to travel to get away…

I am glad that so much movement happens in this stillness. – Richard Land

Welcome to Thermae Stillness Retreats.
Retreats are geared towards local residents or for visitors looking to begin a journey…
Giving you a refuge to escape and take you to places of personal stillness through relaxation, detoxification, spiritual guidance, yoga, silence, meditation, beach walks, clean food, chakra dance, art, saunas, exfoliating scrubs, detoxing magnetic clays, hydrotherapy and massage. Raise your vibration.

1 – 3 day Retreats. Includes delicious organic meals consisting of juices, smoothies and salads, superfood snacks and fresh fruits. Retreats can be guided (guides listed below) or you can chose to spend the time on your own.

For Local Residents: Spend the nights in your own bed and the days at the retreat or for those with busy, inescapable days, continue with your daily regimen and join us only in the evening.

For a Complete Escape and for Visitors wanting to have a journey, Please call for resort information and pricing for a total escape retreat:

Discover Retreat – 1 day and night

Awaken Retreat – 2 days and nights

Transform Retreat – 3 days and nights

Accommodations are in a tropical style resort situated directly across from the classic beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where seagulls swoop by in artful formation and the water is always warm and inviting. When you are standing on the beach, you are truly immersed in the rhythmic, healing waves and salt spray of the Atlantic.For early risers there are sunrise beach walks, swimming or sometimes sun salutations with your Yoga guide.  After you will move on to Thermae Retreat and begin your day of class and treatments and detoxification in the saunas until lunch. The mornings or afternoons will be spent with private or group sessions with your guide if your choose to have a guided retreat, and personal time alone, then your final delicious meal of the day and relaxation in the meditation room or perhaps a sunset walk on the beach.

Time in silence and simply observing the moment is a part of your stay and an important part of your retreat. Retreats can be customized to your individual needs.
Below you will find your choice of guides if you feel you would like guidance during your time at Thermae along with treatments you may experience.

A Mind that is stretched by its own experience, can never go back to its old dimensions. – Oliver Holmes


Custom Retreats…

You can customize your time with us by simply choosing the treatments you would like to experience during your 1, 2 or 3 day Journey at Thermae. Guides are not included down this path but you can choose to have a session with Thermae’s Quantum Healer, Shamanic Practitioner or Yoga and Meditation Teacher. These Custom Retreats will include organic, delicious meals while you are with us and are priced according to your treatments and experiences. Simply call when you have decided your days and we will assist you with all your needs. 954-604-7930