Body Scrubs & Clay Masques
Earth Clay Masque massage Thermae Retreat
Body Scrubs & Clay Masques

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Ft. Lauderdale: Thermae Retreat Salt Body Scrub  $109
Fort Lauderdale location offers:
a Purifying French Green Earth Clay $119
or Detoxing Clay Masque Slurry $139

Delray Beach: Dry Brush and Flower & Herb Scrub 45 min | $89
Flower & Herb Scrub with Massage 60 min | $109

Since the skin is our largest organ, detoxification can have profound effects on our health and sense of well-being. During the initial process of your Thermae Body Scrub, a dry-brushed method is used to incite exfoliation (removal of dead layers of skin). This process not only exfoliates skin, but it aids in cellulite control. In Fort Lauderdale we offer Salt Scrubs, also known as salt glows and sea salt scrubs. They are means of hydrating, exfoliating and providing minerals to skin. In Delray Beach you begin with a dry brushing followed by a custom flower and salt scrub with essential oils. The entire process leaves your skin feeling invigorated and renewed.

Our custom made scrubs are organic and natural made from plants and flowers such as Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose and Basil. Soft strokes are used in conjunction with deep massage in areas where toxins can accumulate. Feel soft youthful skin all over. Wonderful to improve circulation and assist in breaking down cellulite.

Your Earth Clay pulls out impurities and refines the skin. After your exfoliation, you are wrapped in a ‘blanket’ allowing your own body heat to release the impurities from the skin. A warm rinse and cool shower follow. (75 minutes)

ADD ON at Ft. Lauderdale Thermae… A Thermae Magnetic Detox Clay ‘Slurry’.
An alternative to preparing a traditional clay bath is referred to as the clay ‘slurry’. What is intended to be put into the tub is spread over the parts of the body that will be submerged in the bath water. Once the clay is applied you enter the bath of warm, clear water for a certain period of time to soak. A fascinating occurrence has been observed by some while having clay slurries – Because of the strong ionic attraction between clay and many toxins, the clay has a tendency to adhere to certain areas. This event occurs rapidly with toxins that are close to the skin and carries on with more lengthy exposure as the blood brings more toxins to the surface. (115 minutes)

Choose Your Magnetic Detoxing Clay:

Environmental Clay Detox: This bath formula assists in eliminating: Generalized toxic exposures in our daily life, including inorganic and organic chemical residues, nicotine, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, industrial pollution, food preservatives, phthalates (plastic residues, artificial fragrances), PCB’s, VOC’s, PFOA’s (non-stick surfaces), radiation exposures (nuclear, medical, food, etc), various carcinogens, and more.

Sources of Environmental Toxicity: Air pollution, polluted municipal and ground water supplies, various toxins passed up the food chain. The sources for environmental toxins are near limitless in our industrialized world.

Related Symptoms of Environmental Toxicity: The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged environmental pollution as the underlying cause in nearly 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases. Toxic chemicals and metals have the potential to negatively impact every biological function occurring within your body.

Metal Tox-Away Clay Detox: Tox-Away is a general detox formula for all metals, including mercury, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, tin, and more. This bath does have an herb that assists in liver detoxification.

Sources of Environmental Toxicity: Air pollution, polluted municipal and ground water supplies, various toxins passed up the food chain. The sources for environmental toxins are near limitless in our industrialized world.

Smokers / Drug Detox: Cadmium, tobacco residues, pharmaceutical drug residues, recreational drug residues, food preservatives, hexavalent chromium, hydrogen cyanide, nicotine, lead, arsenic, and more. This bath can also be used as a foundational therapy for overcoming addiction in smokers and recreational drug users.

Sources of Cadmium and Other Drug Residues: Cigarette smoke, recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, dental alloys, batteries, cadmium hardware, refined cereals, colas, copper refineries, fertilizers, fungicides, refined grains, rubber, plastics, marijuana, evaporated milk, motor oil, oysters, paint, pesticides, processed foods, rubber carpet backing, vending machine soft drinks, municipal ground water, welding material and more.

Related Symptoms of Cadmium Toxicity: Bronchial disorders, lung disorders, headaches, heart problems, anemia, high blood pressure, kidney and liver disorders, learning and behavioral disorders, cognitive decline, memory impairment, and more.

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